project statement

La Sagrada Maldita is an ongoing collaboration between Ale & Astro exploring the polysemy of the word madre (mother) through new media narratives. At once, madre is origin (origen), matter (materia), motherland (madre patria), grandmother (abuela), womb (vientre biológico-afectivo), cause (cause), leaven (masa madre), culture (cultura madre), nun (monja), MILF (mamacita), Mother Earth (Pachamama), Mother of God (Santísima Madre), and motherfucker (puta madre). It sacralizes and banalizes; honors and discredits.

As two Latinx living in different parts of the US, we use multimedia communication to create a simultaneous experience around this term.  La Sagrada Maldita grows as a virtual rhizome that experiments with lens-based practices, intervention and performance. It is an evolving dialogue to deepen the meaning of a word that is universal, ambiguous and contradictory in itself.